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"While lots of people write software and freely give it to the community, it is clearly the case that authors provide precious little information on what it can do and how you can do it."



I am and have always been very (very) grateful to those who write and then freely share their efforts with the rest of us and it is quite unfortunate that what you say is (in quite a few cases that I have encountered) true.

I guess that it's part of the deal, so to speak.

Ideally, it shouldn't be like that as I believe there's what I refer to as 'intellectual responsability' on behalf of the developer.

But then it is also true with quite a bit of non-free software, software that more often than not I have paid through the nose for and one of the most notorious examples has been MS software.

In these cases, there is not only 'intellectual' but also 'commercial' and 'ethical' responsability which most of the time went/has gone unaccounted for.

And for *that* there's no excuse whatsoever.

Do have a good week-end.

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