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I ask three things before I allow ads

1 - no tracking. And by that I mean simply respecting the Do Not Track setting of a browser, not the "you must install this plugin in your browser" nonsense that Google tries to pull. By the way, if you really want EU privacy law compatible statistics, install Piwik, not Google Analytics.

2 - no active content. Sorry, an image and maybe an animated GIF but that's where it should stop. Don't ask me to open my system to mass distributed virus infections because that is exactly what drives most security conscious people to block ads. It also has as advantage that it all stays *small*, because you are using my bandwidth for your own benefit. and if you slow down a site, I may abandon it altogether. Ad providers that cannot offer that option should be avoided IMHO.

3 - no auto-play. In the unlikely case that you really can't help yourself and it MUST be a video or sound file, auto-play is the ultimate sin because you don't know the user's situation. In the days of loading up our websites with a very loud clip "THIS USER IS WATCHING PORN" because of a generally bad sense oh humour, but you don't want to do this as an advertiser.

I may need to add an extra one:

4 - no web shortcuts. Don't route your marketing through places like If I cannot see where a link is going, I will not follow it at all, even if I'm interested. I get too much spam containing such links. I want to see who's responsible for the ad as well as its distribution - if you have something to hide I don't want to know you.

So there.

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