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Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers

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I'm going to add to this comment with the following sweary rant and a bit of information.

I'm no longer using trinity news websites (local news websites aligned to the mirror group for those that don't know)

On inspection they now use a url for ad content that is using the original domain so it's something like which is why it's getting through.

Now can I ask a simple question? What is the fucking point? I block ads, why do I block ads? because I have zero fucking interest in what you have to throw at me, I'm not going to buy a new fucking mazda or any other fucking car based on some swarmy twatty advert showing some assumed perfect looking wankers driving round town like a pair of nob jockeys where everyone goes wow look at that car, likewise I'm not going to buy a pair of overpriced trainers just because you label your shop "king of trainers", I might go to "King of kebabs" if passing after a night out but that's the limit of the word king in the use of advertising on me. I use these as examples of the shit advertising that got through before I convulsed and spat at my screen (unintentionally) using lots of expletives.

In summary,

Dear Advertisers,

I'm not interested in your ads, circumventing my blocks will not get your customers any sales, in fact it has the opposite effect.


Ad block user.

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