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Apologetic thankyou

My job was nth line support, the last stop, the buck stopped here after all other support teams had failed and things were still broken.

One morning the phone rang and it was the head of a development team I'd spoken to a few weeks before, as I helped many people he had to remind me of the problem. They'd built an application that worked find in testing but took minutes to run in production.

I'd suggested a fix which he admitted he didn't think would work to his distributed SQL queries. Naturally I'd actually tested it at the time having had to analyse why it didn't work on production volume data. Anyway they'd begrudgingly implemented the fix that morning and the application was now responding near instantaneously, happy traders, happy developers and for once a small pat on the back for yours truly.

This wasn't often the case, I remember stating an application wouldn't work in production and needed some changes, was ignored as the developers bonus depended on it and of course 'IT' got the blame, as it happens the problem I'd highlighted then exposed an issue with the database software which took some finding, a patch from Borland brought some relief but if they'd just made the tiny change I'd suggested at the start the application would have worked from day 1 and we'd never have hit the database issue.

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