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Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers


"The company's technology disguises [...]"

"Instart Logic attempts to conceal the activity of its software [...]"

"[...] will detect when the developer console opens, and cleanup everything then to hide what it does"

> Isn't this what malware and viruses do?

"What we do is we work with publishers to help them create a better experience,"

> They all DID go to the same business communication course, now didn't they?

> Why didn't he throw in that they try to deliver a better "service"? Oh, wait...

"There are other reasons people cite, such as security, privacy, bandwidth, page load time, disinterest, a desire not to be manipulated [...]"

> "What Melchett? What are the plebs going on about..?"

"[...] does not guarantee the effectiveness of its product."

> Hmmm. Maybe they can help me? I've invented a really effective haemorrhoid generation

> creme. But nobody seems willing to use it, which greatly hampers its efficacy.

"We provide this tool and we let the publishers have a lot of control over how they use it," he said. "I don't really get into it. We give the publishers a bunch of options."

> Isn't this the same selfish, self-centred, chocolate covered reasoning that others, like for example

> the "humanitarian, self choice promoting" NRA, have been venting for years?

"If it keeps up, it's going to put publishers out of business and it's going to cost reporters their jobs."

> What, no reference to terrrorists and paedophiles? ☹

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