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Same AC here

It seems my point was totally missed. Just to piss on the other guy vitamin D plays a small part as melanin hampers it's production... but that's not relevant.

The point was the populations were separated and diverged enough for skin colour to change (which is in the scale of things a relatively slow adaptation) but you could have used any 2 populations really.

It does seem silly to assume that every other attribute of the populations are identical. Can it not be so that one population is better at something than the other ("on average" - again I mentioned the normal distribution, there are occasionally freaks)

I am a little bit hurt that you assumed I was just spouting sciency words or some shit.

Then you added no information. I even said I didn't read the article. I'm also "all but certain" that the ratios we see are not population differences but biases instead.

.... there must be a better way than Tumblrites going "we have found a way to deal with the cis-scum, we become career landmines"


You could have explained that you replied to the wrong comment

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