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It is a sad state of affairs when you have had to spell out what is essentially so simple yet many cannot grasp it. Yes there are some that grasp it but don't agree with it too, which as your post shows, there are always exceptions to the rules.

It does not take a genius to understand that women can do many jobs men can do and in most cases get the same pay. For some physical jobs, men may be able to do more in a role on average but there will always be some women that have more strength and work ethic than men in that role too.

The problem occurs when companies insist on equal rights which means a team of 4 has to have one man, a woman, a disabled person and a foreigner to fill some quota that in most cases will not be an improvement over hiring the right people for the job. There is no reason why a workforce should be 50% men and 50% woman to fulfil some liberal managers fetish garnered from hearing feminists activists and their mangina followers.

Choose the best people and if the manager under you is employing people based on the wrong merits, ie another white man, when other candidates were obviously stronger, get rid of the bad apple. The same when you have the feminist female manger who only employs women. We still have to make that work for Polish site managers who only employ cheap polish labourers to work on their site though.

There are averages, better than averages and people who do well when not expected. Employee them on their merits rather than a male/female/race/disabled balance

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