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Not sure the economics make sense for homeowners

Assume each homeowner will renovate/build once every decade or so. Yes, there is a lot of money in it for the owner and the builder. Each homeowner ought to solicit at least 3 serious bids.

But it's a chicken and egg problem. The homeowner needs to have his house redone and can't hold out because his preferred VR solution (out of potentially several) isn't something an otherwise competent builder is willing to work with.

On the other side, the builder, who's at heart a... builder, not a techy, is not going to invest time and money into building a VR capacity that very few clients are interested in. And if the client is VR-savvy, what's the likelihood that their VR kit matches the builder's VR kit? Keep in mind, once that client's VR has been successfully integrated with, you won't be seeing her again for decade or so.

Even with massive VR standardization and cost drops, can't see these stars lining up anytime soon because of the lack of follow-up jobs between a builder and an owner. And the disconnect between doing the job in the physical world and "looking good VR-wise" which is a secondary consideration for small jobs.

VR, and AR, or a mix of the 2 will probably be used more and more on multi-million $ projects. But that ain't quite a kitchen re-do.

Yes, there'd also be a fair bit of value for savvy homeowners to look around their house model themselves, but that's a different story than getting everyone else to work with it in any serious fashion.

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