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Yes, it would be nice if you could do a 3D scan of the house and get a model of what it looks like inside (the iPhone 8 might be able to do this if does depth sensing as some rumors say) but that's only good if you want to do something like "what would the living room look like with this huge sectional couch I'm thinking of buying" or other redecoration ideas. Once you want to knock out walls, you have to know everything that is inside them, plus what is inside the other walls/floors/ceilings you may try to reroute the wiring/piping/ducting in the wall being knocked out.

Maybe the sort of THz scanners they use for airport security could do this. Perhaps someday you'll be able to hire such a scan of your home for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars that could be uploaded into a 3D model that included everything inside your walls.

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