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You're letting yourself get sucked into a race to the bottom in these comments. I read your entire article as well as the offending memo. While I don't agree with a lot of your article it does not mean you a bad person. While I agree the memo writer brought up some valid points I don't believe he is a paragon of virtue or that bias does not exist. Not everyone who disagrees with you is evil; although the world being what it is it is a good bet some are.

Unless we require everyone to take an aptitude test and then force them to go into whatever field society believes they should be in you are never going to get a perfect demographic representation in any profession. Treat every person equally during and after the hiring process. Google may see enough qualified candidates to hire whatever "type" of employee they want; but that certainly is not true of most companies. Until half of all computer science students are female don't expect half of all coders to be female.

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