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In my world we would extract the key claims he makes in the text and, if there is some debate or uncertainty about them, put them to the test. Because it does seem that much of what he says may have some truth in it, even if you would prefer it not to be so.

But the reaction is not and was never going to be reasonable. A large group of bigots* in our society respond to any attempt at reasoned argument on an ever expanding set of subjects that they consider to be objectionable with attempts to supress the argument.

* bigot


a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.**

**Definition correct until updated in the next version of newspeak.

The end result of this is dangerous. Why? Because if a bunch of extremists locks down freedom of speech to an extent that venturing an opinion on virtually any subject is "thoughtcrime" then it's effectively impossible to exercise freedom of speech, and this eliminates both the centre ground and sensible discussion and moderate opposition. Arguments are not won, they are simply not voiced.

This leaves only extremists in opposition and you end up with a choice of two agenda's, both from extremists.

This culminates in Donald Trump & Brexit.

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