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Arseholery breeds success

"Here is a specific group of people that are drawing distinctions of superiority. They are all highly accomplished and lauded, and they are in a position of cultural privilege. Why would they feel the need...?"

Simples - a noticeable proportion of "successful" people are arseholes, because being an arsehole helps them be "successful".

"successful" is in quotes because it's a relative term - the arseholes equate money, chattels, bling and power with success. Many nicer people don't.

Basically it's easier to get to the top of the tree (if that's where you want to be) if you're an unpleasant bullying arsehole. They push better people aside. They're ruthless. They lie and cheat. They have to believe though, that what they're doing is a good thing, because they deserve it, and they're better than the other people.

Nicer people often have different goals in life. They often want to live happy, satisfying lives, and perhaps don't see a 70" TV in the downstairs toilet (or even having a downstairs toilet) as the height of success. Some nice people do end up in senior positions, but perhaps because they feel that that is where they can do most good for other people, rather than just for themselves.

And as a quick quiz - name one orange person who fits the profile of the successful arsehole.

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