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Core-blimey! Intel's Core i9 18-core monster – the numbers

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"If you are willing to pay that amount of money ... is it not better to go for a Xenon CPU ?"

If the year falls before the year < 2022, yes. Technically, these are the old/current gen Xeons rebadged for desktop, I see nothing different than the exact 14c I have besides you aren't guaranteed anything with these i9's (xan. they even run in parallel?). I've been running 2 OK'ish 14 core ES chips for nearly 2 years, cost $300usd total for both. $720 for 128GB Hynix and $450 for a supermicro mobo. Still less than 1 of these CPU's.

I think if I cared about gaming and streaming and all that, I clearly would buy AMD (actually I might stitch these CPU's and buy AMD anyway).

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