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Me, I'd sign up with them tomorrow,

One of the few.

The failure of Project Lightning to recruit vast numbers of new customers (and the poor ratio of properties passed to properties connected) is probably down to the poor value and reputation Virgnmedia have for ever-escalating prices. Just been told the thieves are putting up prices again by 5% of my total bill, making the price increases over the past three years 31%. I'll wager that VM staff haven't had a 30% pay rise in that period.

Obviously, if you have no other broadband alternative, you may feel compelled, but otherwise I'd recommend staying away from Virginmedia. Generally works well, but reliability can be patchy, support can be poor, but its the price that is the real killer. I'm phoning them up to give them notice, and going back to VDSL, where I can at least have some choice of provider.

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