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Core-blimey! Intel's Core i9 18-core monster – the numbers



Most people seem to recognise that more cores/threads is not important above a certain number. The issue, as always, is getting enough data into and out of the CPU.

I would have thought that the deficit that Intel have regarding PCIe lanes is far more important to the high end people than actual core count. Ryzen will have 128 PCIe lanes and Intel are still stuck with 44, that amounts to a potentially huge data throughput deficit for Intel i9 processors and there is no indication from Intel that this will change.

The caveat is wait for real systems to turn up and crunch the numbers on, but on a system wide basis, it's looking far better for AMD than it has for years. Of course the system builders and MoBo manufacturers have to take advantage of those extra 84 PCIe lanes for Ryzen to really shine.

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