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I love competition. Do you really think Intel would release these if not for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper? I can't wait for actual benchmarks from independent testers on both the i9 and Threadripper. These are obviously niche products, but it puts pressure on the prices for mainstream products, which means our wallets win.

We need to remember how good of a design Ryzen is. Rumors are the yields of the Ryzen are great. But the beauty of the design is that AMD can link cores together in a mesh. So when Intel needs a 16 core CPU, they have to make a large one. And the larger the die, the lower the yields. When AMD needs to make a 16 core CPU, they just make two 8 core ones and mesh them together. I can buy a 16 core Threadripper for $999, or a 10 core i9 for $999. The choice is easy. But the best thing is I actually have a choice. Intel must copy AMD's mesh design. But even if Intel started today, it would still take over a year to get to market.

The next thing I hope is that the Vega video card is a winner. We need to put pressure on NVidia's prices now. I love competition: lower prices and better products. What is not to like?

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