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The only answer that anybody could give you and be right is: It depends.

Heavy Multithreaded CPU workloads that aren't being palmed off to the GPU will definitely benefit from the extra cores at a lower frequency. Also there will probably be similar potential for overclocking across the chips so you'd probably be able to get any of these chips screaming along at 5GHz+ with watercooling.

If you're gaming, most games will bottleneck on the graphics first even down at the mid i5 range which reach similar frequencies anyway. Bringing streaming into the mix, more cores are handy as it means that any encoding and CPU manged network activity isn't using the same core(s) you're gaming on.

Video editing is dependent upon your setup but there will probably be some part of the workflow which is CPU intensive.

VR gaming could probably use more cores due to the number crunching required to prevent motion sickness but is also highly GPU dependent.

so yeah. It depends.

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