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As the originator of net neutrality

At the creation of the Internet there was a big debate about how to architect the interaction between ISPs. My proposal was the one that won out. No settlement between ISPs, and Neutral Interconnects to ensure friction free connectivity.

"An assertion that the new rules have had a detrimental impact on investment in broadband rollout plans. " is such a joke. Dividing traffic will mean ISPs can game users to extort "rents". It will be in their interest to REDUCE investment to force users onto higher tariffs. The issue of interconnectivity also becomes problematic, with ISPs needing to introduce settlement for higher QOS services.

Loss of net neutrality will "Balkanise" the Net so will no longer be The Internet,

The irony is ISPs will find their profits lower and their costs higher without Net Neutrality. It is lazy capitalists who have no understanding of economics that are pushing this stupidity

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