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Anonymous Coward

Intel's Core i9 revealed to reach 36 cores. Not.

Execution threads /= cores, especially the way Intel implements them. For most workloads I care about, the benefit of these threads is at best modest, and at worst negative.

The more important issue is that these 18 cores are supposed to see the main memory through just four memory channels shared between them. Given that you can saturate this memory subsystem with just two cores, and will almost certainly saturate it with half a dozen, the benefits of having another twelve cores sitting around are questionable for any real-world usage. Cramming more and more processing elements at the end of a thin straw connecting you to the memory system is not a solution; there must be a more sensible way of using these transistors.

I am sure these CPUs will perform fantastically well on a few, carefully-selected benchmarks and will look amazing in demos. For the real-world usage, you'd be better of with quarter of the CPU cores and a few extra bucks in your pocket.

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