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repeaters are shit. agree.

i have started using and installing ubiquiti long range dual band with ethernet backbone, or in extreme cases, home plug backbone, just run the cable up the outside of the house if neccesary (mine go through my office ceiling but im not picky about looks )to the loft through the soffits. sit the ap's in the loft attached to the rafters. you dont even need to drill through the ceiling. i have a large sprawling house and i only need 2. i use an ethernet backbone and get 230mb/s (which is what i get at the router) pretty much everywhere. the AP's talk to each other and can steer your device to the correct AP - no more of this hanging on to a really out of range AP nonsense, or different network SSID's for different rooms. just one proper continuous network everywhere. it is amazing, and there is no substitute (for £cheap it costs. ap's are about £120 each. no doubt you can do better with £k's worth of kit, but for the price they are fab)

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