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> "Net neutrality just says one person(/application)'s information is no more important than another's."

This is not a free speech issue, it's a transport issue. The web runs on physical infrastructure. If some citizens have more information to ship and they can pay extra, why not let the providers build those extra 'lanes" with some of that profit? In other words, leave the market alone and it will accommodate all levels of custom.

The only real problems come when local governments rig the system in favor of just one or two providers and shut out the rest. Let THAT be what we focus on, not some "make everything equal by force and all will be well" nonsense.

BTW, free speech is a transport issue too, once it's seen as a basic right. Meaning that while anyone can talk, those who get listened to usually have access to much better information transfer technology than the average shmoe.

Is that fair? Why, the idea that some prettyboy announcer reaches millions while I must be satisfied with this crowd makes my blood boil! Methinks we need Media Neutrality to address this scandalous disparity.

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