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Dems fightin' words! FCC's net neutrality murder plot torn apart

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"Taking direction from president Trump"

Back when Wheeler took direction from Obama to go the whole Title II route (after rulemaking to put net neutrality in place was rejected by the courts) the democrats were silent, while republicans were up in arms. Now the situation is reversed and republicans are silent while democrats are up in arms. You'd almost think whether they feel that a president interfering with the supposedly independent FCC is wrong depends on the party affiliation of the president!

It is too bad the FCC has become so partisan and such a victim of regulatory capture. What is best for the people should be the FCC's remit, not what is best for the corporations being regulated or what fits republican or democratic platform ideals. There are reasonable arguments to be made on either side of the issue as far as what is best for the people, which is all that should matter for the decision ultimately made. The government shouldn't exist to make things better for corporations, but for the citizens.

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