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Everyone is so .... duh.

It's irritating when you know the truth and everyone else appears clueless. So I'm going to let you know where some of the worst malware comes from.

In a joint CIA/NASA venture which monitors signals from space. About 12 years ago, they began focusing on a system nearly 200 light years away which communicates heavily using narrow spectrum and light waves to transmit computer signals. The CIA has captured some of the worse malware used by this system and began using it for it's own covert reasons. However, it's been noticed, reverse engineered and also leaked to computer engineers and scientists throughout the world who are now using it for monetary gain.

It's also theorized, North Korea's leader is so large he can pick up these signals at mealtime, each time he opens his mouth. This is why their offensive cyber operations is so effective against other nations.

So now you know and can blame the system correctly.

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