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This technology is Intel Puma 6 / 7 ONLY

This technology is ONLY avaliable at this time if the cable modem is based on a Intel Puma 6 or 7.

The list of the affected modems is

The modems listed in this article are affected. There is no way to do this technology using a Broadcom based device. The 0-day DoS attack and horrid latency performance make these modems UNUSABLE and after 9 months Intel does not have a fix. It may be bad silicon and not fixable and a recall may result. The register should not promote these devices.

All details can be found here

Intel is using these advanced technologies to hook clients into these devices and trap them as they cannot go back to correctly performing devices without giving up the technology.

The Virgin Media Hub 3 is the UK based horror involved in the UK. It has its own news reports here on El Reg

These issues looked baked into the silicon and NOT FIXABLE VIA FIRMWARE.. Technical discussion is here

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