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I messed with mesh networks a while back. I forget the details, but it was overrated (in my viewpoint) for wifi.

You could PROBABLY provide the same _kind_ of thing by enabling 'roaming' on the clients, and setting up wireless "extender bridges" at various (strategic) points. They'd have 2 radios in each one, one that's connected to the base station on one channel, and acting like a router/AP on the other, and maybe have better radios and/or better antennae to keep the bandwidth as high as possible. Client roaming would handle best signal, etc. on the individual computers and devices, and everybody would "get along".

Then you won't have to run something like "BATMAN" on every device on your network...

[as I recall, you needed it on the clients, too]

Anyway I haven't messed with it in quite a while, so maybe those problems were solved? Most of what I did was on the wifi access point itself, and not so much the networking. Got a proof of concept working, then the project was presented for a defense contract by "the boss", and that was the end of it. bummer, yeah.

(I suppose in some ways IPv6 is a lot like BATMAN's mesh network routing stuff, so why not go full-blowin IPv6 and be done with it!!!)

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