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As in "more free to impose restrictions", which invariably makes them less free to third parties.

The fact is that no developer is compelled to use any particular license for his own code, so no license is ever more or less "free" from his perspective. It's only when he chooses to use somebody else's code that he encounters restrictions, and quite rightly so.

The particular "restriction" imposed by the GPL is that you cannot impose any restrictions, other than the one that prohibits imposing restrictions. Or in other words the GPL provides the freedom to do anything except take away other people's freedom, which is clearly the most freedom you can have in a fair community, as opposed to the selfish sort of "freedom" that subjugates everyone else.

The CDDL is particularly nasty because it was deliberately designed to break that fair system.

But then, as above, nobody is forced to use it, or the GPL, or any software published under those licenses, so this is a purely academic problem.

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