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Pensions, go independent if you can.

Having escaped Idiot Bleeding Management I ended up in a 'technical' role in a leading Russell group research University (Southampton). I joined the 'local' pension scheme as my grade was too low for the USS scheme. As I progressed I ended up on a USS grade, so I was told I must transfer to it, legal advice was sought as they only offered 1 year for every 8 years contribution to the local scheme and I dug my heels in and stayed in the local scheme, which was so well in profit the employer took an multi YEAR holiday from contributing. Fast forward 10 years and USS is in trouble, so they start changing the scheme, now forwards to today, with the financial down turn those years of holiday now see the local scheme underfunded, now the bastards are saying the local scheme is unfair to USS members, so in the name of equality WE are to be shafted as well, so they don't have to pay up for the holiday... Sir Christopher on his fat salary no doubt has private pension provisions, the Bronze TEF has little effect on such things, whilst those that face the ongoing poverty of 1% pay rises, as against 10%+ of management with the cost of living rising over 2.7%, can barely afford to live, let alone pay into a private pension. IF you can, go private, at least you'll have some comeback with the financial ombudsman.

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