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There are two problems with this. The first is it's not the judge's job to decide if a defendant's actions were morally wrong. Their job is to decide whether those actions constituted breaking the law. People who murder people still get found guilty even if the victim deserved it, which is why the lesser charge of manslaughter is a separate offence. The judge here has ruled that IBM did no wrong in the eyes of the law. It's the law makers that need to be blamed, not those who enforce it.

The second problem is judges are very much part of the same system that makes laws. Despite what we like to think, this country and those who run it are a very corrupt organisation. I doubt IBM is deemed too big to fail, but I would not be surprised in the slightest if they had those on their side who were able to influence this decision. After all, that's what getting yourself a "good lawyer" is all about.

I don't see the value in suggesting anything underhand specifically occurred here. I've nothing to base such an allegation on and I doubt it would change anyone's opinions of what's clearly a rotten and rotting company in the opinion of most folk in the IT industry.

But the judiciary is the best we have and it's better than the alternative, so we should protect it and appreciate it.

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