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Care to clue us into why, Mr. Tinfoil Hat? What do they have to gain? They don't do things - especially things that cause issues in the public sphere - unless they have a reason.

The US government has done worse to the public than WannaCry - Tuskagee for instance - and attempted even worse than that - Operation Northwoods for example. And that's just what they openly admit to. When you get into the top secret stuff, who knows what goes on in the minds of spooks.

Not that I actually believe for an instant that this was a US/UK intelligence mission. That's absurd. But don't kid yourself into think that the reason it's absurd is because they wouldn't. If some CIA analyst thought that the US might stand half a chance to gain something of even the most wispy significance from it they absolutely would, and their reasoning would not necessarily be readily apparent. It's absurd because the whole thing was orders of magnitude less sophisticated than it would be had it come from a group of 1st world state sponsored hackers.

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