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mathew42, why do you hate this great country so much?

Why do you hate Australia so much mathew42? 556 posts with approximately 96% supporting the mess the libs have made of the nbnTM rollout. You don't think that having FTTP to 93% of Australian homes and businesses would make this country a world leader in the broadband stakes? Does one not realise that all that is needed to increase the network speed is to change the gear in the phone exchanges and the other end of the fibre connection? Sure looks like a world leading setup to me but then your Labrador and white cane will likely disagree with that and you will sprout the glorious achievements of abbott and turnbullshit in lumbering us with FTTN, MTM that will waste even more billions of dollars to replace so we can then catch up with the rest of the third world countries. If you had been around early last century when the phone network was being deployed, I think we would all still be on party lines. Oh weren't they fun (and I still remember our morse identifier, - -).

I also find it curious that we never see you or bill morrow together at any time sooo, I have to conclude that based on that plus your one sided and broken record (copy 'n paste) posts that you are indeed one of the NBN saboteurs. So bill, do you feel better now that this weight of anonymity has been removed from your shoulders?

A question if I might bill, why were you quoted in the paper 3 days ago saying that 12mbps was more than sufficient for video streaming? Did you know that according to the definition of Fast Broadband in the country of which you are a citizen, the minimum speed is 25mbps and they are thinking of revising that number upwards.

Bill, I have one of your green boxes 2 metres from my back fence but will still not be able to get a 100/40 connection or even a 50/20 due to the copper needing to run 305mts to the outside of my house. My ISP has told me that 25/5 is the best they can commit to. Copper isn't that old either bill, just 19 years and no joins but the crap is still.4. Also, after receiving an email stating that the node went live on June 2, we still can't connect as of this date. Are you responsible for yet more sabotage bill?

Lastly bill, when you reapply for your 457 visa next year, I sincerely and with all my heart, fervently hope it is declined!

I remain your most humble and obedient servant,

J Joseph King

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