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"On your work computer I've heard from co-workers over the years as web monitoring was verboten"

That would be a Really Bad Idea(tm). Web monitoring may be forbidden, but there are many, many, MANY ways to detect porn-viewing, not least by having the gateway or whatever check IPs against a Bad Site List. I can do that on my network at work, and have set up a 'acceptable use policy' which is handed out to each new hire. I also have a nice 'acceptable use' screen pop up whenever anyone logs into the Active Directory network (there are a few things that AD is good for. This is one.) so that users can't say that they weren't warned. I don't monitor web activity. I do monitor the list of IPs. And certain IPs are blocked at the gateway. And the only VPN which can be used on _my_ network is the company's VPN, all others are blocked. (I had to go so far as to block my fav proxy/VPN site, Hide My Ass, 'cause some users were abusing it. Now _I_ can't use it on the company network, either. This annoyed me. The user who caused me to have to block HMA suffered.) I don't care if some user is a porn hound and likes to torrent German and East European porn (yes, there was one lad who really liked German shit and piss porn, and another one who was really fond of Russian double and triple anal. And you probably don't want to know about the boy who was fond of pony porn. I'm not making that up). I do care if they use up my bandwidth running their torrents, and I do care if the copyright holders track the torrent to my IP and complain. Those who try to access 'inappropriate content' at work get one warning, and then they're gone. And I get to define what 'inappropriate content' is, 'cause it's MY BLOODY NETWORK.

Now, if they bring in a hotspot from a cellco and connect their personal system, laptop, tablet, whatever, to the hotspot, then they can do what they bloody like, so long as they're on break when they do it. There might be problems with HR ('hostile work environment') but not with my network, so I don't care.

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