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"Almost half of the profit for HW-maker on cheap Windows-laptop"

Stop buying them. They're just crap. It's funny how all those Linux power users feel the need to buy such a crap.

True, Linux may be less resource hungry, but do your really buy such a crap??? Why??? Leave them to the Windows users whom they are designed for.

It's the whole system which is built with cheap components, why risk for any professional work?? You'll save a lot from not buying software, so, make a gift to yourself, buy better hardware... or aren't you paid enough for all those Linux skills to afford a decent PC???

Never found, anyway, yet a PC for which drivers were not available for the supported operating systems. The fact that two PC bought a month apart may have different components doesn't surprise me. One component may have been EOL'd and replaced by another. And if the components are released after the OS version, there's a good chance they won't be supported by a retail installer unless you add the drivers yourself.

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