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"Erm, the whole point of the original quote is that each time they "came for", it was for a group of innocent people. And yet we did nothing because it wasn't us."


Actually.. No it wasn't.

Each time "they" came for a nice easy to identify "not me" group of officially identified trouble makers.

The Jews, the Gipsies, the physically and mentally disabled, the gays.. All groups that were declared to be "undesirables" Not innocent victims. You know.. Like immigrants, or asylum seekers, or single mothers in council houses...

"I'm fine with them "coming for" paedophiles, extremists and cybercriminals."

And you can prove you are not any of these naturally..

"So using them as example groups ruins the poem's message."

No sweetie. Just highlights your heroic lack of understanding.

The whole bloody point of the poem.. Is how people can be segregated into Us and Them. And anything that happens to "them" is no more than "they" had coming.

Until we become "them" to someone else. Because we are the good guys.. Right?

Enjoy the camps comrade.

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