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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Perhaps a little extra knowledge might be useful here.

Remember the copyright laws? They used to be simple things, restricted solely to book publication. Then they branched out to cover all sorts of things. Finally came the happy day when all you needed to do was to write something down and it was protected by copyright - as long as it was unique.

There's now a whole industry - primarily in the US - dedicated to defending the idea that anything copyright is uniquely "holy".

It follows that anything you say or write or tweet/twitter or whatever, is protected by copyright. Now, as a private publisher of the content of my own private life, do I thereby give the UK or US or 5Eyes governments or any other government carte blanche to infringe my copyright through the mere act of publication?

There's more than one way to skin a cat, and this particular moggy's already half-skinned already, courtesy of her own actions.

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