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'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary

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and I look at the WIMUN INTHAG NEXT traylor T'me WHEN EITHRR /she or Me OR BATH IS NAKID. Holding MY GRAN. GRIN. GUN!!!!!! I do t THINK THISN is SPIEING b'cos I AM NUT A spy. I AM A TRAMO supporterrr(( and when I see MY NEIHBUR I Thunj of Lady MORANICa hu IS BEAUTIFUK and at one my LEEGE. ANYWAY I support TRUMO AND that tadynin THE next tray lord WHI IM Goin' ta MARRI NEXT WEEK at Walmart cox she says I TREET HER LIKE A MAN. SHIUKX. AHIUKX. SHIUKX. SHOULD. STAY sofa.

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