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Aussie Broadband support NBN CVC position

In Telcos are putting NBN customers on a voice-only speed, Morrow tells committee this statement appears:

But, chief executive of Aussie Broadband, Phillip Britt, rejected the claims from larger telcos that NBN's wholesale pricing makes it too expensive to maintain fast speeds during peak periods.

"That's just bullshit," he said.

"If we can do it as a small internet service provider, they can certainly do it as well. They're just trying to deflect attention from their strategic choices not to provision more bandwidth."

Interesting Morrow describes 12Mbps as a voice quality product and that it could be removed:

Mr Morrow said it was possible NBN Co would remove the 12 Mbps product so consumers are forced onto a speed higher than today's internet, but it did not want to be "too prescriptive".

Based on the reports of congestion caused by inadequate CVC purchase for unlimted plans, I'm not sure this will improve the performance for most people during peak times.

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