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> You won't get any argument from me on that one (although "mediocre" is probably overselling this polished turd) - but that is all the MTM is delivering for a lot of people.

FTTP also has >80% on 25Mbps slower. Does that mean it is also a polished turd?

> That is a joke, right?

No. I'm very serious.

> Are you seriously arguing that something in the order of $10,000 - $20,000 (or more) "is not significant" for a home owner who would like to upgrade to FTTP to get a decent internet connection?!

I'm not saying that is an insignificant sum of money, but that when included as part of the purchase of a house it is not that expensive. People move house for a number of reasons. For a small minority NBN speeds will figure in that decision. A house down the road sold recently. Prior to moving in the new owners have renovated extensively, replacing new carpet with wood, replaced all the applicances and more. Adding a technology change would be less than 10% of the cost of the revovations.

This might sound expensive to the average Australian, but remember Labor's plan was for <1% to have 1Gbps connections in 2026. For the top 1% in Australia, $10,000 is small change, especially when it is tax deductable.

> If they can change the technology, they can also change the funding model.

Fair call. My proposal is that speed tiers should be removed because this would highlight the differences between technologies. However the herd are campaigning for slashing the price of CVC gutting NBNCo's future revenue. Do you have a different position?

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