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'It eliminates most requirements (commonly from developers) for native Linux on the desktop in a corporate environment. No need to worry about a desktop Linux build / security settings / patching / device lockdown, etc. etc."

Sadly there are a lot of orgs where the devs are fully cross-platform versed, but the corporate IT drones have never seen anything outside of the MS bubble.

On the flip side I'd say there will be many other others that, like us, provide Linux (Ubuntu) desktop builds anyway. They are walk in the park to patch and manage compared to watching the hoops the Windows team has to jump through. Linux desktops are much easier to tune for insane VDI performance too, so many of the non-tech users prefer them - two seconds to login to a complete working desktop versus half a minute for Windows.

As more corporate apps move to web UIs, there's almost nothing left that the Ubuntu desktops can't do.

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