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Red Hat acquires Permabit to put the squeeze on RHEL

the problem is nothing to do with GNU or Richard Stallman it has nothing to do with them

It's Oracle and their Patents (also Netapp really )

RedHat could do a clean room of ZFS or extend XFS / Gluster

frankly if oracle where actually interested in making money and growing their market they would open it up and indemnify linux and other implementations... what would this do ?

The market for ZFS filers would explode and Oracle would sit pretty much on top with the best kit and original... people would line up...

freebsd has a ZFS in kernel implementation so netBSD could reuse that code with a in kernel implementation on linux many people would slowly switch from XFS and when they grew had dollars would spend with oracle to make the pain go away...

if MacOS etc implemented then we could see the hilarious fact of Microsoft being the only hold out and potentially having to pay Oracle which would be oh oh so sweet...

but its down to lawyers... oracle lawyers... so it needs someone to push and get it done...

its going to be painful but oh think of the glory...

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