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Linus Torvalds pens vintage 'f*cking' rant at kernel dev's 'utter BS'

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" I don't think there are many organizations that would tolerate an employee constantly publicly berating people online."

Just reflect a moment what would happen in an ordinary organisation.

Torvalds would do one or more of the following:

- Write programmers' annual reviews

- Conduct recruitment interviews of programmers

- Recommend programmers for dismissal

- Recommend programmers for promotion

- Recommend programmers for pay rises

He has none of these conventional management aids to maintain quality. All he has is the ability to accept or reject code and to comment on it. By that means he is able to manage a team orders of magnitude greater than by use of such conventional management aids which leads to the further point that in such an organisation:

- He would have no time to do any real work.

Or to put it another way: how would you manage the Linux project (and remember before you reply that a lot of work is already delegated to the likes of Greg Kroah-Hartman).

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