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You continually seem to fail to realise that the nbnTM rollout was supposed to be a NATIONAL infrastructure project, you know like the electricity grid and the phone system was last century. It was supposed to make Australia a WORLD LEADER with the best broadband network on this planet and propel this country and their people into the 22nd century and beyond. Instead, to use your 10 minute saved road analogy, we have a mixture of overgrown pathways, dirt, gravel and sealed roads plus a few, a very limited few, really nice freeways. This fantastic infrastructure project was fucked up not due to financial considerations but for political considerations. Political reasons were used to deny Australians prosperity and wealth. Political lies were used to distort the true costs but I guess that is ok because they weren’t Core Lies but these lies are still being told and obfuscated behind the bullshit of the “Commercial in Confidence” cloak of invisibility. Yes, Labor may have gotten the prices wrong by a couple of billion dollars but in the end Australia would have had a world beating network. Instead we have a piece of crap that we still don’t know the price of OR how many tens of billions of dollars that it is going to take to fix it, if that even ever happens.

It’s NATIONAL infrastructure. It doesn’t need to produce a ROI. That payback would have happened over time due to the increased productivity and resulting increased taxes that those 93% on FTTP and 7% Wi-Fi and satellite connected would have paid. But don't forget that the plan was to sell off this network so I would imagine a fair whack of the outlay would have been returned to the government anyway and those increased taxes I mentioned would have quickly made up for anything that may have been lacking. Who knows, with the eventual gigabit upgrade it may even have sold with a surplus over and above the initial outlay but we shall never know now thanks to the wreckers. Now because of political pettiness, Australians are denied real superfast, futureproofed Internet speeds and the government coffers are denied the extra taxes that this real superfast network would have provided. The actions that have produced this result amount to sabotage of this country. Politicians should be held accountable and brought before the court on charges of treason but unfortunately that won’t happen. They will retire, collect their overly generous taxpayer subsided pension and then go off to top up their $2, 3, 4,000 or more weekly pension payments (indexed against the CPI) with a nice six figure private sector lobbying job.

I am not annoyed that I am going to be stuck with this clusterfuck of a technological mish-mash and slow speeds. I am annoyed and devastated that our children and their children are lumbered with this present white elephant when they could have had something that was beyond "top of the range". Australia the Lucky Country; lucky because it could have been so much worse if the onion eater had initiated this nation building enterprise.

Actually surprised you haven't copy 'n pasted you usual 78% on the 12/1 plan bullshit.

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