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You do know that it's a proven fact that usage of any of the following words/phrases in their "PC" / political context indicates a lower IQ, and the tendency to follow the leader, sheep-like?

snowflake, triggered, libtard, "safe space", SJW (as currently used), "fake news"... and more...

Further studies show that users of such phrases are unaware that whilst using them shows up their stupidity, they ironically think it makes them look clever. Unable to think for themselves, they cling onto whatever "facts" are explained to them with single syllable words.

Typically paranoid, and easily scared, give them a " bogeyman" to fear, and they are even easier to control. However, protagonists in this field have urged caution, as it is very easy for such brainwashed people to have views even their own side thinks absurd, such as the government is out to get them, and there could virtually be terrorists hiding under the bed, and that their penis is abnormally small (though this latter point is usually true)

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