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Rather like those DOS boxes on OS/2

Hmmm....I suppose in the sense that DOS was at that point on the way out you're correct. However I'd posit that once they made use of 386 and higher virtualisation the OS/2 VDMs were at least ebony constructed coffins, with solid gold fastenings and lined with the very best top quality silk and and plush padding :)

Those of us still forced to develop DOS applications very much appreciated the crash protection and also the ability to multitask. I spent two or three years developing data recovery software in a VDM because that kind of work is rife with crashes due to the amount of corrupt data you have to process.

The only thing I found that the VDM didn't support was the Task File registers (later to become ATA) access to hard disks. I think there was some kind of bug there because the machine used to spin up the floppy drive when I made a request. BIOS access to disks did work however and that was what we mostly used.

So yeah - DOS was a turd by that time. But the DOS boxes - they were a technical marvel worthy of much praise.

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