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Virgin Media mulls ditching 1 in 3 UK facilities, starts £20m spend audit


Always got good advice and suggestions from Virginmedia L'Derry, Swansea, Liverpool and many other Virgin helpsites. Always courteous. Liked the staff-inspired £200 credit that meant we didnt get the punitive £10 'fine' if we were late paying the bill. Ultimately, 'helpful' coverage geographically, has taken its toll. With BT the incumbent able to lobby till the cows come home ( PlusNet is theirs btw) the plain old wires of BT have been re-sold many times over and still their average provision doesnt approach the speed & efficiency of Virginmedia. WOW the BT router signal is powerful ( TV Ads) and internet can still be provided on 60-year old copper cables. Unsure how many of the promised BT local exchanges have been rolled out despite ££millions in subsidies.Coherent optical cables clearly lead the way - but as we know its not always the the most efficient and consumer-friendly that prevails.. Joe Euphony Scotland.

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