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The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Mr. Abelazar Woozle

Bacon - got to be proper smoked back bacon, ranging from crispy round the edges to thoroughly crozzled. Rinds can optionally be cut off and fried separately to a proper state of crozzledness, think miniature pork scratchings.

Sausage - something lightly flavoured, or plain but nothing too "mucked about with" as my father-in-law would put it.

Black pudding - no excuses, this is essential...

Eggs - both scrambled and fried (yolk runny), or if you want to make a token gesture for healthy eating, poached.

Baked beans

Staffordshire/Derbyshire oatcakes - I've you've never had one of these, it's high time you did, they're the Midlands' best kept secret.

Toast - freshly baked white bread, can be lightly done to cremated depending on your taste.

Mushrooms - fried in the bacon/black pudding fat to absorb more of that dead pig goodness

I'd put tomatoes and hash browns on the optional items list, and tomato/brown sauce for the sausage if you're feeling like it.

Wash down with pint mugs of well-brewed Yorkshire tea, then go out and take on the world.

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