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The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Bacon - Middle cut, must have crispy rind still on for extra pork scratching flavour.

Eggs - Fried (this is a fry up after all) runny yolk's a must.

Sausages - Traditional butchers pork.

Black pudding - Yes but not that sh*te with big lumps of fat in it.

Lambs kidney - Halved, cleaned and fried, hint of pink in the middle.

Tomato - Fresh, halved, fried.

Mushrooms - Lots of little ones or 1 big flat.

Fried Bread - Nice and crisp.

Bubble & Squeak - Plenty of crusty brown bits.

Beans - Never! If there's room on the plate, add more sausages, bacon, eggs etc. instead.

Sauce - Brown

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