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The breakfasts in our "French company ran" canteen onsite are shite. Cheapest of everything and tight portions n'all. Hence why I try sample the local cafes when I can. Support ya local businesses people. A good walking breakfast is the BEST... Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Tomato in a large breadcake (breadbun to anyone not from Hull). Not quite a Flinglish, but Quality.

If making at home though:-

Lincolnshire, Cumberland, or just a good quality Pork sausage (2)

Decent dry cured unsmoked back bacon (2 or 3 slices)

Fried eggs - I like mine done quickly in lard in a hot pan so you get a slightly crispy bottom but still a runny yolk for dipping. usually have a couple. Don't forget to flick the hot lard on the top of the egg while its in the pan.

Fried mushrooms

Black Pudding (2 or 3 thick slices)

Tinned or Fresh Toms - Tinned I let reduce down so not too wattery. Fresh toms I fry until mush.

Fried bread - White sliced, cheap as ya like fried in bacon fat or lob it in the egg pan. Takes two ticks.

Beans - If I'm in the mood.

YORKSHIRE Tea deffo. Wet and Warm however it comes for the authentic Truck Stop/Greasy Spoon feels.

All that can be eaten any time of the day or night, even for me tea where its called a Fryup.

Extra points for having a Flinglish with pints of Stella whilst watching the World Cup at dawn. Hence Beer icon.

Check out Kay's good cooking... This is erm proper erm "cookin" ;) My presentation skills are better!

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