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Dr. G. Freeman

British Standard 3512 Breakfast

Don't know the ISO code.

note- best quality, local ingredients should be used in all cases, and fried in lard.


No less than two (2) rashers of back bacon (smoked or unsmoked, depending on availability)

No less than two (2) Link Sausages

Two (2) fried eggs - yolks runny, consistent with Standard 3517.

one (1) piece of black pudding.

Two (2) pieces of fried bread

1/4 cup of baked beans

1/4 cup of mushrooms (fried)

served with British Standard Tea [BS 6008}, ( )

and a rack of four [4] slices of white bread toast.

Tomato sauce should be made available if required.

Regional additions are encouraged, without substitution of main ingredients.


In my case the addition of

Lorne Sausage

2 Hash Browns

Extra link Sausage

Potato scone

Scrambled egg (1/4 cup)

Availability of HP sauce

The addition of anything green (garnish, green bits in bubble and squeak etc.) is strictly verboten.

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