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Ade Vickers

Can't believe this is causing an argument!

Tsk, people are missing the point badly here. Plus I can't believe there's this much argument about it!

The defining feature of a Full English Breakfast is that, with the sole exception of the mug of tea (refillable on demand preferably), is that it can be entirely cooked in a single frying pan loaded with approx 1/2" deep molten lard.

This automatically rules out:

- Poached, boiled or scrambled eggs - they all have their place, and it's not on an English Breakfast plate.

- Plum tomatoes (unless you're bold and have skin like leather, boy to those fellas spit)

- Hash browns (a Colonial treat - but not at breakfast time)

- Baked beans (also a colonial import)

- Absolutely anything green

You may, if your frying pan is not sufficiently large, substitute all but 1/2 slice of fried bread with toast, generously spread with real butter, and left to soak in. This will be used to mop up the leftover lard & any sauces you may have applied later.

The perfect breakfast IMHO: Fry all of the following in the same pan - Bacon (smoked back bacon, cooked until tender, never crispy), sausages, eggs, bread, mushrooms, black pudding, a whole tomato halved, white pudding if available. Any possible arterial damage is addressed with several cups of strong white tea.

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