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"I'm not sure it's permissible for a 'Full English', but I have a preference for the Scottish Stornoway style Black Pudding over the typical English Style. With a runny egg of course."

Here in the north of England I find our traditions are somewhat blurred with the Scots. We both say 'aye', sometimes small things are 'wee' and children are in places referred to as 'bairns'. And like the Scots, we love a good blood sausage in our morning fast-breaker, but I would add, however, that the 'Full Scottish' variant of the breakfast takes it to another level. I had one once in Fort William which, on top of the usual bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, beans and black pudding came equipped with a couple of slices of fried haggis (expect no less) and in place of the fried bread a fried scone!!! <-Yes, it required THREE exclamations. It seemed to me as though witchcraft were afoot - what was this confection doing on my plate in place of the usual fried gold? But I persevered and EEERRRR MAAAAH GEEERRRRRDDDD what an absolute taste sensation - you have to give it a try, but just not the fruit scones eh? ;)

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